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Our Philosophy

Some things logically fit together. We've combined projects, customers, and employees in a way that provides valuable insight and realtime visibility across your organization. Customers expect quick answers and you need to make informed decisions. All of this is critical to managing scope and maximizing your ROI. We see Ravetree as a single source of truth for your business.

At Ravetree, we are big believers in keeping things simple. Everything we do follows this principle. One of the problems with most software is that it's too complex and ends up getting in the way instead of solving problems. It's easy to write complex software, but it's difficult to write complex software that's easy to use. We believe we have achieved this with Ravetree.

There's a better way.

Software engineers have long recognized the benefits of taking an agile approach to managing their teams. More recently, other business segments, such as Marketing and Sales, have begun to realize how agile principles can make them more successful. But, if each business segment is using their own collection of software tools, then a huge opportunity for synergy is being missed. The only true way to achieve maximum efficiency is to make your entire company agile and to have everyone using the same set of tools.

We believe entire companies should be Agile—so we built Ravetree.

Running any type of business involves skillful alignment of customers and employees. Projects are created, resources are allocated, and different teams need to be precisely coordinated for maximum efficiency and profitability. If you're like most companies you're using a collection of isolated web-apps to manage this process. The problem with this fragmented approach is that you end up with:

  • Disconnected data
  • Uncertainty about information's location
  • Data redundancy

As a result, productivity decreases, business slows down, and it's difficult to manage resources. By taking an agile approach you can streamline your operations and minimize scope creep.


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We take a customer-first approach. Our #1 priority is ensuring that you are successful on Ravetree!

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